If this is just the Cubs social media trying to lighten the mood on a depressed fan base, then I'd like to let them know that it worked.

It's honestly a perfect tweet. Concise. Multi-layered. Juvenile.

For those that might be unfamiliar with the intricacies of regional cuisine, the hashtag #SkylineWilly is a reference to both the man who hit the home run, Willson Contreras, and Skyline Chili, the official, and oft slandered, chili of Cincinnati. One of the joking tropes about the Skyline Chili is that it probably will not agree with your stomach, hence "when you need the runs."

It seems like the Skyline Chili conversation pops up about once a year. It just happened again last week.

I've had it and it's not horrible, it's just not chili. It's a sauce that's a decent compliment to a sub par hot dog. The skyline chili dog, topped with a mound of cheese, is a perfectly acceptable way to consume skyline chili.

Should you plan on running a marathon after eating this? Absolutely not but that's not even remotely on your radar if you're considering these.

The other great part about this tweet is just the fact that they're taking a direct shot at Cincinnati. The Reds have been annoying for about a decade. They've been trying to start a rivalry for awhile. It started when Anthony Rizzo wanted to fight the whole city.

Javy Baez started it up again on Monday with the most electric walkoff of all time.

There was more chatter after the Contreras bomb today.

It also sounds like Rizzo and/or Bryant could be traded before I hit publish on this post. It would be great if Rizzo could get one more crack at these guys before he leaves forever.

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