It's the Bears 30th Anniversary of their incredible 1986 Super Bowl Victory!

The Bears beat the New England Patriots in a historic 46-10 victory in New Orleans. Did you know that it was also the first Super Bowl victory in the Bears’ franchise. Here are some things you may not have known.

  • The Bears' famous "46 defense allowed the fewest points (198), fewest total yards (4,135), and fewest rushing of any team during the regular season (1,319).
  • They also led the league in interceptions (34) and ranked third in sacks (64)
  • Bears record in the 85-86 season was 15–1. They were only the second NFL team to win 15 regular season games, while outscoring their opponents with a staggering margin of 456–198.
  • Defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan once told the press that the team "wasted" their first round draft pick on him,
  • The Superbowl Shuffle song was a nationwide hit. it charted at #41 on the Billboard charts and even received a Grammy nomination for best R&B song by a group.

Let's check  some highlights from 30 year ago today

Ahhhh the good ole days