Did you know Twinkies were invented in Illinois?

I like to think that I can learn something new every day. My problem is I believe when I find out some sort of new fact, I forget something I already knew. Getting old sucks. If this was a text message, this is the time I would type in a "LOL."

Gaining information can be a lot easier with that thing called the internet. As long as you stay away from the fake stuff.

Here's what I learned today. Believe it or not, I saw it on Facebook.

According to onlyinyourstate.com,

"Twinkies were first produced in 1930 in the Continental Baking Company building, which was selling snack cakes under the Hostess brand."

That building is located in Schiller Park, Illinois.

This might be common knowledge but it's new to me.

Now, I'm starting to wonder why this isn't more celebrated in our state. In the world of cake snacks, Twinkies are a pretty big deal. Why not a Twinkies Day, Festival or even Museum?

A little known fact about me. Growing up, there was always a box of Twinkies in our fridge.

Did you know Twinkies were invented in Illinois?

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