With the gray cloudy days and the concern over my Dad in hospital this week, I found myself falling into a funk. I was trying my best not to let it show, but there are times when life gets more than one person can hold back.

I needed to break the funk and if you're needing some help here's a few tips.

I found these 10 motivational tips to keep you healthy from the WebMD site, that I though could be useful for all of us.

1. Feel good about yourself. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good.

2. Rethink your role model. Pick someone who inspires you to be better.

3. Know what makes you over eat or binge eat. What triggers the grazing on foods.

4. Make simple daily changes:

- add more fiber to your meals.

- add 2 or more servings of vegetables to your meals.

- drink 2 or 3 more glasses or water.

5. Have an accountability partner, some one to cheer you on.

6. Forgive yourself. We all make mistakes. We aren't perfect. Let go of things we can't change.

7. Never go hungry. Don't skip meals or wait too long to eat. Stick with a schedule.

8. Remember change takes time. We can't change over night. It's a gradual thing.

9. Move more. Add 10 more minutes of walking to your routine. Or start walking.

10. Celebrate each day. Every day is a gift we nee to celebrate it.

This list is fairly common sense but how of us, myself included, tend to get so busy we forget and then we find that funky, blue feeling creeping up on us.

My big things on that list are number 6, 7, 8. I tend to beat myself up for mistakes or not being perfect. I do wait too long to eat because I get so busy at work I put off eating until I finish just one more task. Lastly, I'm a perfectionist. I want things to change right now and I get impatient when I can't make it happen right now. I'm getting better at that, but it does take time.