Between Christmas and New Year's and all the other Holiday celebrations going on, we're sure to find ourselves over indulging in our favorite treats.

Need a little help to avoid over eating? Try following these tips.

9 Tricks to Avoid Overeating

1. Begin the Day with Hot Water and Lemon

Starting your day with a hot cup of water and lemon, as opposed to coffee or tea, jump starts the digestive system.

2. Increase Water Intake

By increasing the amount of water you drink, you not only stop yourself from overeating, you also help the body to cleanse itself as well as keep the digestive system in constant motion.

3. Pile on the Greens

Try to take as much of the greens as you can before indulging in the dips and pigs in a blanket. Eating more celery, carrots, and broccoli before moving on to heavier items will keep you from over doing the more calorie dense fair.

4. Take the Stairs

During the holiday season when we all expect heavier family meals with larger portions, it would do the body well to be more physically active. Instead of taking the escalator while holiday shopping, take the stairs.

5. Mindful Indulgence

If you know that you enjoy a cocktail or two while with relatives or at holiday parties, try sticking to gin and tonics rather than cosmopolitans. Don’t use the holidays as an excuse to behave in ways that are overly extravagant when it comes to drinking and eating.

6. Eat Like Buddha

Just because we have a plethora of food in front of us doesn’t mean we should eat mindlessly. When you eat, you should always strive to enjoy the food you’re eating. Eat slowly, taking note of the texture or tastes you particularly like about a certain dish.

7. Only Eat Fruit in the Morning

Fruit is a staple of holiday dessert tables all over the world. However, few people realize that eating fruit (a fast digesting food) after eating practically anything else creates extreme bloating and gas in the system.

8. Try New Things

If you see some unfamiliar plates at thanksgiving dinner this year, try them! Loading your plate with small portions of many things means you will probably eat less than if you fill your plate with items you know and love.

9. Enjoy Your Loved Ones

Remember, although food seems front and center during the holidays, the reason we all travel is to be with the people we love.

Interesting. I think I'm going to try the hot lemon water Christmas morning and be conscious of drinking more water throughout the day. Heck! I just bought a new sweater, I want to still fit in.