Mismatched socks we all have them. We either threw one out due to holes or that infamous "Sock Monster" that lives in every ones home ate them.

Before tossing out that lonely sock there are tips for that mismatched sock.Yesterday as I was waiting at the Doctor's office I took some time to read whatever magazine they had in the waiting room. I picked up the March 2014 issue of Woman's Day and came across these interesting tips to for those stand alone rebel socks.

Typically, I use those renegades as dusting gloves. I spray the outside with furniture polish and stick my hand in and just go after all the dust.

This short article offered helpful tips like these:

Use and old tube sock to put your wet umbrella in. Then you won't have it drip dryng on your floor.

Or cut the cuff off the sock and use it to put around your wrapping paper rolls. It won't damage the paper like tape or rubber bands do.

I also found another helpful site of what to do with those unmatched socks. Check out these tips.