Thomas Rhett understands his daughters will date one day, so he wrote their potential suitors a warning song. "To the Guys That Date My Girls" is an unreleased acoustic ballad that the he says he wrote while on tour this summer.

It's not clear if the song will ever make a record, but fan response may demand he put it somewhere. The Boot reports that he played the song in Alabama and Mississippi recently, setting it up by acknowledging the impulsive nature of the performance. It's easy to see why. "To the Guys That Date My Girls" is a sweet and personal lyric written with as much understanding as shotgun cleaning mentality.

"I know they won’t be young forever / But I’m gonna hold on as long as I can / When you take their hand, remember you’re holding my whole world / Just a friendly reminder to the guys that date my girls," he sings. The second verse leaves fans laughing.

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"Remember when you pull her close to leave some room for Jesus / Because if you ever cross that line, I swear, boy, you're gonna need him," he sings. The crowd erupted at that point.

Of course Rhett is known as one of country music's most biographical songwriters. Each of his last two albums included several songs aimed at his wife and/or daughters, Willa Gray and Ada James. He'll soon welcome baby No. 3 — Rhett and his wife Lauren are expecting a third baby girl in 2020.

WYRK, iHeartRadio and Whiskey Riff also shared this video previously.

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