I am totally one of those parents that is all about the cute back-to-school/first-day-of-school signs. I literally have one in the works of being designed in my basement right now, because I need more room to write fun facts like my daughter wanting to be a "cowgirl that saves animals" when she grows up.

I will not be judging you, moms and dads if I see you crying as you drop your kid off for the first day or school, or if you hold up the line to snap a pic of your kid in front of the school...I will totally be doing it too.

To me, the cute first-day-of-school pic is a right of passage, and it doesn't just to pertain to the littlest of students. Teachers, and even new high school resource officers, should be able to do it too, which is exactly why I super love this one pic posted by the Dixon, Illinois Police Department yesterday....



Typical boy. Don't they all want to be astronauts at some point when they grow up?

Hope you had a great first day of high school, Officer Scott!

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