Thomas Rhett is usually good about posting the most adorably perfect photos possible of his two young daughters, Ada and Willa—especially on holidays, when the cute photo ops are ripe for the pickin'. However, this Easter (Apr. 21), the singer chose to show his children in a slightly sour light instead!

In the shot Rhett shared, he's holding out the catch of the day—he was clearly enjoying some fishing and caught a nice one out on the lake. His daughters, however, look a bit (okay, a lot) grossed out by the fish Dad is handling so calmly.

"Clearly they love it," quips Rhett sarcastically in his caption, as the girls look on with twisted expressions. We don't blame you, girls, those things are all slimy and weird fresh out of the water!

Here's hoping that the family will be serving up something that the kids find a little more appetizing for Easter dinner. When in doubt, there's always Peeps, right?

Rhett has been trucking along on a busy schedule as always this year, having released "Look What God Gave Her" as the first single from Center Point Road in late February. He performed the song at the 2019 ACM Awards on April 7, where he also took home Male Artist of the Year honors.

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