Thieves in Illinois are now stealing this very unusual item.

Crime Is A Serious Problem In Illinois

Unless you have been living in a cave, I am sure you have noticed that crime has become a serious problem in our city, state, country, and basically across the entire world. Even places that normally are not affected by crime are having issues too.

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Everyone Will Be Affected By Thieves At Some Point

Unfortunately, the way things are headed. Everyone will be affected by thieves at some point in their lives. In college, my apartment was broken into while we were on spring break. The suspects stole our stereo equipment. It was not fun.

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Common Stolen Items

Of course, through the years there are common items that thieves target from their victims. I talking about things like cars, money, wallets, and jewelry. Thieves are getting much braver and becoming "porch pirates" and stealing packages right off people's front doors in complete daylight.

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Weird Stolen Items

There are also things you would never expect to be stolen like catalytic converters off cars or manhole covers from the street. If thieves can flip it for cash, it is definitely not safe because they will steal it. In fact, they will take just about anything that is not nailed down.


Group Robberies In Illinois

Over the past few months, there seem to be many more group robberies. It reminds me of something out of a movie. A large group of thieves hit one store altogether at one time. It is a big loss for the store targeted. It is also pretty scary.

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Latest Unusual Item Being Stolen In Illinois

I think this just about proves that thieves will steal just about anything.

According to,

"suspects shattered the glass in the front windows with an unknown implement, and once inside they stole designer eyeglasses and frames before exiting the premises."

So, what you are telling me is that thieves are breaking into eye doctor offices and stealing glasses and frames. What are they going to do with them? Those items are pretty much useless without a prescription for lenses. Otherwise, you can not really see out of them.


I understand they are expensive but it just does not make any sense to me. Well, unless an evil eye doctor is behind the whole plot. Now, that would make a great movie


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