When it comes to burgers we all have our favorites.

This tasty burger was picked as the best of the best in Illinois.

ChowHound did a survey to find out which burger was the top pick for each of our 50 states.

This simply understated burger with no fancy ingredients or toppings was discovered in Chicago at Au Cheval and was selected as Illinois' "Best Burger."

There really isn't anything too special about this burger as it's just two beef patties with slices of melted American Cheese, Dijonnaise and pickles served on a toasted bun.

However, ChowHound says that when you're served this burger there's "something magical that goes on."

Mmmm... magic and a juicy burger. Ok, you got my attention. It looks pretty yummy.

ChowHound does warn us though if you're planning on diving into one of these burgers be prepared that you may be waiting in line for hours to get into the place and be served. Wow! It really must be an awesome burger.

To learn more about Au Cheval their menu, hours and more, click here.

By the way, for those of you to the north in Wisconsin, the top burger for your state is smothered in butter, and no it isn't from Culver's. It hails from Glendale, WI at Solly's Grille.

Solly's burgers are basically "burgers grilled in butter, the more the better. In fact, Solly’s prides itself on using more butter per burger than any other restaurant."

Mmmm... I gotta say they got me at butter.

To learn more about Solly's Grille their burgers, hours and more click here.

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I don't know about you, but I'mm ready for a road trip to try these out. Are you in?

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