If you want to do and see something really amazing, just pack up the family and head to Lake Geneva for Ice Castles soon when they open. This is really a site to behold, huge  castles made completely out of ice and icicle's. They are also built with lights inside of them that twinkle and change colors. Its like the pages of a fairy tale have come to life. Each ice castle weighs in around 20 million pound's and is entirely built by hand.



They have slides in them as well as other really unique features like thrones, led lit sculptures, fountains and more. They even grow their own icicle's at the Ice Castle.

There are other Ice castle locations but this is the first year its been done in Lake Geneva. This is really a one of a kind castle and the pictures of these castle's are breathtakingly beautiful. Ice Castles will be opening very soon and if you want to know more, purchase tickets or check open dates you can do so by clicking here. I cannot wait to take the kids to this when it opens. If you're looking for a really different experience that doesn't break the bank then this is definitely for you. Just go to Icecastles.com and pick a location.