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"Um excuse me sir but your back seat is all wet."

Is what I wanted to say to my Uber driver Monday evening but didn't. It's not that I didn't want to know why or what was making the seat all wet. Or maybe deep down I really didn't want to know.

Either way, I could tell before even entering the vehicle that the seats looked like they were wet.  At first, I thought, EW the previous passengers were really sweating but thanks to the Rona I have to sit there.

Turns out they were soaked. So here I am trying not to lean back that way my back isn't getting at wet as my butt now is from this seat. And that's just it, the longer I sat there the wetter the seat got.

I thought maybe the driver let their windows down and it rained or something, but the car had no musty oder. Thankfully my ride wasn't that long, but I know my butt looked all wet when I got out.

So there I was left with a wet behind, from what I haven't the slightest.

Would you have asked the driver what was making the seat all wet? Not that it would've mattered after the fact anyway. Once I sat down I had a wet kester.

What's the strangest experience you've had while using Uber, Lyft, or a cab?

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