It's Spring, and it's also National Cleaning Week. It's time to do some Spring cleaning, and after finding this information, I am going to be very busy. I feel gross.

tifonimages, ThinkStock

I came to work this morning feeling like I had a pretty productive weekend. I gave my bathroom a good cleaning. Put all the snowflake/snowmen decorations away. Cleaned floors. I was starting to feel fresh and new for Spring. I also was feeling like I may not have to do too much Spring cleaning, like things were in pretty good shape, and then I read this.

7 Places in your home that are dirtier than your toilet. Nice. I have known about the nastiness of kitchen sponges and rags, but why did they have to go and refer to it as dirtier than a toilet?  Grosses. Me. Out.

I also normally consider myself a clean person. I hate dust. I hate clutter. I have learned to live in a demolition zone, (doing lots of home remodeling) but try to keep it as clean and picked up as possible. Then I find another fabulous (insert sarcasm here) list about 32 things you should be cleaning but aren't. Of course I had to read it, my cleanliness is at stake here. I clean 5 of the things listed on a regular basis. 5. That's it.

Looks like I have a lot more Spring cleaning to do than I thought. I can't believe my daughter has to live among such filth. Ok, it's not that bad, but I do feel kinda dirty right now. Anyone else with me?