There were some memorable commercials on Rockford television when I was growing up. Mind you, I was born in '83 but I do recall most of these commercials, or a variation of them. Off the top of my head, I distinctly remember B. Sanfield ads and I remember a few car dealers like, "Don't call him Mr. Cheap-Cheap... and here's the reason why." and "Don't you buy no ugly truck." Maybe the latter is something my mind is making up or maybe it was a national ad. Here are even more memorable ads from Rockford, Illinois businesses.

B. Sanfield: Let's start with B Sanfield.

K's MerchandiseK's was one of the few stores I didn't hate going to as a kid because they literally sold everything. There were a lot of things waiting to be touched by my undoubtedly dirty fingers.

Fisher'sI don't think I ever ventured into Fisher's but I vaguely remember their ads.

Big Sur WaterbedsI DO remember these ads because I'm pretty sure we had a few waterbeds from there when I was growing up.

Al Grace Appliance: How could you not remember the decades of great television and radio ads from Al Grace. This was before the "... and other great, schtuff." tagline.

Ditto's: I couldn't tell you anything about Ditto's aside from the abundantly big hair.

FOX-39/On The WaterfrontRemember the woman who was in every FOX-39 promo ad? Who is she? My childhood wants to know.

Rockford Speedway: This ad is missing one of the most iconic taglines in Rockford tv/radio advertising taglines... Do you know what it is?

WREX-TVSince we highlighted FOX-39, let's flash back to an 80s open for a news cast.

And, finally.

New Milford RefrigerationMaybe it's because I grew up in New Milford but I will never forget this business's phone number.

The hairstyles, the jingles, and that perfect announcer voice, these commercials are a blast from Rockford's past. Here are even more Rockford tv commercials circa 1980-something.

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