By now you've probably heard of the dating app "Tinder," but now's their something even cuter to check out called, "Tindog."

I'll admit that when I first heard about Tindog I thought, "what a great idea for matching adoptable dogs with new homes," but I was wrong. That's not what Tindog is about. It's basically a dating app for those that love dogs.

Currently the Tindog app has over 100,000 users, and to sign up you simply enter your dog's age, gender, breed and picture. (Might be a good idea to post a pic of you and your pup together.) From there, you swipe through profiles, find matches, chat, share photos, plan gatherings, and much more. Talk about puppy love!




Cute idea, but I still think we need a dating app with the sole purpose of matching deserving dogs with loving new owners. I even have the name: "Pawfect Match." Now who can do the techy part?  Lol!