It's no secret, Rockford has crime problems. Violent crimes seem to make news headlines in the area every day, and it needs to stop. That is why City of Rockford and Winnebago County have partnered with R1PC and researchers at Loyola University to create a 10-minute/85 question survey aiming to reduce violent crime.

The survey is open only people that live, go to school or work in Rockford area. Respondents must be at least 18 years of age.

Marlana Dokken, a Region 1 Planning council member, told,

This is to give the Rockford citizens a voice. Their voice can be heard to our leaders, as well as the police and Sheriff's department.

According to the survey,

The purpose of the project is to analyze the crime that occurs in Rockford and assess community perceptions of crime and the police to make recommendations about how to improve community-police relations and reduce violent crime in Rockford.

It's a start to coming up with new strategies to prevent violent crimes in the forest city. Rockford residents should want the best for the city, so setting aside 10 minutes to answer a survey for a better quality of life shouldn't be too much to ask. The survey will be available through the end of October. You can find it by clicking here.

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