For the last few weeks, residents have been buying up as much ice-melt or salt as they can. From Sub-zero temps to ice storms and snow we've had no shortage of harsh winter weather lately. Salt is in high demand right now and stores are completely running out. According to WIFR, we are having a major salt shortage. Personally, I went to 4 different places yesterday to find salt with no luck. Luckily my better half was able to find a few bags at a local gas station.

One Blain's customer said he's been fighting to get salt since the last ice storm. It seems that you and I are not the only ones having trouble getting salt. The City of Rockford is struggling as well. The department f Public works said with all the snow, ice and rain lately they are finding it tough as well to procure more salt for residential road clean-up. With the thick layer of ice under all the snow, it is going to take a couple passes to get it back to bare concrete. After making some phone calls this morning we found a few places that still have salt today if you need it.

1.Home Depot on Argus Drive

2. Lowes on East State Street

3. Ace Hardware in the Edgebrook shopping center

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