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There's another educational animal experience in the area and, if you're like me, you were today-years-old when you found out.

In Poplar Grove, Illinois you will find 'The Animal Express.' It's an educational animal show and petting zoo, so you won't be able to drive to a physical location like you were to visit Summerfield Zoo. However, the animal show/zoo can come to you with plenty of animals for everyone to enjoy.

Here's their roster:

"Rocko" (Mountain Coati)

"Banjo" (Blonde Raccoon)

"Archie" (Hedgehog)

"Turbo" (Arctic Fox)

"Honeycomb" (Ball Python)

"Kiwi" (Senegal Parrot)

"Cornflake" (Albino Corn Snake)

"Darryl" (Lionhead Rabbit)

"Henry" (Bearded Dragon)

"Indigo" (Rose Hair Tarantula)

"Mr. Pibb" (Russian Tortoise)

"Jack" (Patagonian Cavy)

"Tulip" (Skunk ... Descented of Course)

"Pebbles" (Ruby Macaw)

"Rowdy" (Red Fox)

"Petunia" (Mini Pig)

"Daisy" (Mini Pig)

"Fern and Franny" (Guinea Pigs)

You can see photos of all the animals, some of which available for select shows only, HERE.

The animal shows are 30, 45, or 60 minutes and range from $175-$275 and include between 7 and 10 animals depending on the package.

The petting zoo is a flat $200 for one hour and an additional $100 for each hour thereafter. This option comes with 2 goats, 2 chickens, 2 ducks, 2 small rabbits, 1 giant rabbit, and 1 mini pig.

You can learn more about 'The Animal Experience' HERE.

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