What's in a name? Did you know there is such a thing as an "illegal" name? Yep, there's a list of names in the good ole USA that are ILLEGAL! I had no idea. A lot of these go state by state, but it's worth looking into right? You don't want little "Nutella" to be a law breaker from birth (seriously, that's one of them)

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Here is the list of ILLEGAL baby names in the United States of America:

  • Jesus Christ
  • Harry 3
  • Nutella
  • Ирина
  • Nelly’s
  • Chloé
  • F!nn
  • Aña
  • @

This is a real thing. Why would you name your kid "Harry 3?" Is "Harry 2" ok? What about "Harry 4?"

Daniel Rice via YouTube
Daniel Rice via YouTube

Let's start with the actual rules and the "do's and don'ts" for naming your child in the U.S.A.

  • Derogatory terms
  • Obscenity
  • Offensive names
  • Foreign characters
  • Numbers
  • Diacritical marks
  • Hyphens
  • Asterisks
  • Apostrophes

So there are the things that you can't do when naming your baby. Although throwing a random number into a name does sound fun. "Hey is that Larry 46 over there, is that a new haircut?

Choosing the right name for you baby

If you go state by state it gets get even weirder. USBIRTH

For each state there's a thing or two or three that you can't use or do with your babies name...Examples:

  • Texas - First, middle and last name cannot exceed 100 characters
  • New Jersey - Obscene names, numbers and symbols are forbidden.
  • Michigan - Only English characters are allowed
  • Florida - If the parents don't come up with a name, the courts will assign one to the kid.

So what about the Land of Lincoln?

NO RESTRICTIONS. Numbers and characters ARE allowed!! So Double T could be "Double T 420" which used to be his AOL name!


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