Ladies, I think we've all been here. We excitedly open the gift our guy picked out for us for Christmas only to be completely stunned at what was inside.

Guys, take note, here is a list of the worst gifts that men have given their girls for Christmas.

If you want to avoid being "That Guy" then take a look at this list that The Stir put together of the worst gifts that men have given.

- Mr. Potato Head. What really? Why would a grown woman want that?

- Wooden Numbers for your house. Ummm, thanks but she could buy her own to make a new sign.

- A book on farts. Ok was the only store open on Christmas Eve Spencers in the Mall?

- Jewelry that his Mom picked out. Ok. I like jewelry but if you sent your Mom to pick it out and worse yet (as in this case) had her sign the tag... well it that looses all it's meaning.

- Porn. Um, no woman wants that ever as a gift. I think that was more of a gift for himself.

- A Chinchilla. Wow! I like animals but I wouldn't want a animal no matter how cute it was if I didn't ask for it.

- 75 Gallon Fish Tank with Fish. Again if I didn't specifically say I want a a giant fish tank. Don't get that.

- One man gave his wife fishing tackel (she doesn't fish), power tools (she doesn't do tools) and even wine (the problem she was pregnant when he gave if to her).

- An XXXL hoodie. This guys' wife asked for the larger sized hoodie to go over her pregnancy belly thinking he get an XL. He got the biggest size the store had. Oh that's bad.

- Personal Training Sessions. Ok do we need to go back to square one here. If she asked for that fine, but this lady didn't. She's never wanted to see a trainer. Yikes...

- Industrial Sized Flashlight. Again I think this was more of a gift for him, not her.

- Pogo Stick. Huh?! This lady was as stunned as we are over this one.

Now I have to admit those are really bad gifts. It makes my "bad gift" look really good after all that.

A guy I was dating got me a wolf sweatshirt. It wasn't a cheap one either. It was one of those you'd find at the former Natural Wonders store in Cherryvale. I know he spent good money for it but I didn't like it. I remember opening the box and before looking up I had to quickly think fast on how to respond. I smiled and said "Oh thank you. What a pretty wolf".

Now I like wolves and I like sweatshirts, but I don't like wolves on sweatshirts. He was so proud, I didn't want to hurt his feelings although I was disappointed. To be nice, I did wear the sweatshirt once in public and never again. It went straight to the back of the closet and worn only when doing yard work, etc..

Have you ever received a terrible awful gift from your guy ladies? What was it?