It's tough to budget enough money for Christmas gifts, but remember, it's not always the cost of the gift that counts. Sometimes a gift created by you especially for the person who will receive it is better than any generic gift from a store. Here's some great gift ideas that cost very little, and require just a little bit of time to accomplish. 


  • Put together your own cookbook - This gift has the potential to be handed down for generations to come.
  • Create a custom playlist for the music lover on your list - Way more personal than just wrapping up an iTunes gift card.
  • Bake something - This is especially a great idea for co-workers, neighbors, etc.; everyone loves to eat yummy stuff!
  • Create a photo album - Perfect for your best friend, spouse, kid or favorite picture taking partner.
  • Get crafty - Pinterest and Etsy are filled with super cute and super inexpensive gift ideas to create, especially for kids to make their loved ones.
  • Have a holi-date - Treat a friend or loved one to some time together. It could be as simple as taking a holiday light drive, or doing some outdoor ice skating for free.
  • Make a movie - Put together a video of the year's highlights and favorite photos.
  • Make a photo ornament - Here's how you do it...