Move over James, there's a new Bond in town, and he is here to save you a lot of headaches and hand cramps.

Please meet Bond, the robot that writes handwritten notes and just made the holiday season a lot easier.


Handwritten cards and notes are extremely thoughtful and touching to receive, but let's face it, sending out bunches of them takes a lot of time that most people don't have these days. This robot may do the hard work, but the sentiment it writes is all you.

Now, you're probably thinking, "sure this sounds great, but I bet it costs a fortune." I thought the same exact thing, then I looked it up and was pleasantly surprised. The Bond website features all kinds of beautiful and totally customizable holiday cards to choose from starting at $3 per card. Maybe that seems a tad pricey, but the price includes postage and all the supplies needed! Sounding better and better now doesn't it?

Start shopping and creating now at




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