A good cart can really make or break a shopping experience. 
We all know that some places in town have FAR superior shopping carts than others. This isn't an endorsement of the establishment, just me ranking my shopping cart experience around town.

There will be plenty of places left off this list. That's because I either don't go there or just don't use a cart while visiting.

The list:

  1. Target - Number one by a mile. Why Target hasn't done a whole ad campaign on the superiority of their carts is beyond me. Always clean, a place for your coffee, wheels work. A+ carts at Target.
  2. Schnuck's - Like Target, these plastic carts are far superior to their wire-wrought brethren. The carts must go through more wear and tear at the grocery store because you're still going to come across some bum tires.
  3. Lowe's/Home Depot - Other than the coloring these carts, like the stores themselves,  are pretty identical in my opinion. Never had a bad one from either location.
  4. Meijer - Good solid carts. Wheels are generally decent. Two different options and a place to put my coffee. For you baseball nerds out there the QAR (Quality Above Replacement) would be 0.0.
  5. Costco - These have the benefit of being brand new which means we're hitting about 100% in the functioning wheel department. Huge minus is the lack of a drink holder. Since they're significantly bigger than other carts, one-handed operation can be pretty tricky. Give me a place to put my coffee and these carts would bump up a few positions.
  6. Valli - This one hurts me personally because it's probably my favorite grocery store but I favor fair and objectionable journalism so I have to rank them last. The plus? There is usually (if it hasn't fallen off) a cup holder. I have somewhere to put my coffee. Four working wheels are the exception not the rule and there seem to be sharp burs around the edges that can give you a nice cut or easily tear a plastic bag. These are also the oldest carts on the list so maybe a new fleet will show up in the near future.

I hope your screen didn't melt with these blazing hot takes. I stand by this ranking but would be more than happy to debate anyone with differing opinions.

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