Nutmeg, it's that little known spice that we usually bring out for our holiday baking.

Did you know that nutmeg has many more great uses and benefits for us? In fact there are seven.

According to Fit Health nutmeg is so much more than flavoring to your pumpkin pie and baked goods.

It has seven great health benefits for us:

Our Brains - It helps ease stress and  fatigue. It works wonders for anxiety and depression. It even improves our concentration.

Pain Relief - It helps treat inflammation and abdominal pain. If you suffer from aching joints, muscle pain, arthritis taking nutmeg can help.

Indigestion Releif - Helps in relieving bloating, gas, diarrhea, constipation. It also can boost your appetite

Oral health - Gets rid of bad breath. Kills the bacteria that causes bad breath. It also can treat gum problems and toothaches too.

Liver and Kidney Detoxification - It can cleanse and rid your liver and kidneys of toxins.

Skin Care - Want smoother healthier skin? Yep Nutmeg can help with that. It can also get rid of blackheads and acne scars.

Sleep Aid - If you have trouble sleeping, mix some nutmeg in a warm glass of milk. It will help you relax and "induce sleep".

Wow! That is awesome. I think I'm just going to keep nutmeg on hand in the kitchen and maybe a bottle in my desk at work?

Here's a few great ways to incorporate it into your diet from John Tesh, especially during the Christmas season.



Do you think that's why eggnog is the preferred drink during the holiday season. Hmmm??? Makes you wonder.