It's easy to become negative with the cold and dreary days of winter. I know because I'm guilty of it too.

But we must fight becoming a "negaholic" and there are five ways to do. Until reading this article from 'The Daily Positive', I never realized that negativity can be an addiction. Constant negative people are known as "negaholics".

Negativity, often times comes from feeling stressed and overwhelmed. We then become depressed and not very fun to be around.

So how do we fight it? By following these five simple rules.

  1. Take control of your brain: You’re mind is powerful. You choose positive or negative. It’s time to shift.
  2. Stop Watching the News: Today’s media is 95% negative, get away from it.
  3. Write a list of everything you’re thankful for: No matter how big or small
  4. Stop using negative words: Replace can’t with can, won’t with will, no with yes, tired with excited, and frustrated with understanding
  5. Have fun every day: Plan one thing per day that’s fun. Go to a restaurant, grab a beer, go to the movies, go to the gym, or take a hike. But do something you love each day. You deserve it.