Let me start this by saying I am definitely not brave enough to take this haunted house on, but I'm sure many of you actually are and it sounds like an experience you won't soon forget.

What Makes a 'Good' Haunted House?

I may not be much of a haunted house aficionado, but I have gone through some in my life. Most are cheesy, and you know that something 'ugly' is going to jump out at you at every turn. What freaks me out about haunted houses is not the gore or the scary scenes, it's the invasion of personal space when monsters lurk too close to me, (or come at me with a fake chainsaw).

I think it's safe to say most people dig haunted houses for the anticipation of the unknown. What will you see? What will shock you? What will make you scream? You get the idea. My version of the most terrifying haunted house ever would be one where I am surrounded in complete blackness causing my imagination to run wild and hearing awful sounds all around me. Basically, this upcoming event at 13th Floor Haunted House Chicago is what my nightmares are made of...


13th Floor Haunted House Chicago is obviously in full Halloween mode right now, (and admission tickets are getting hard to come by), so why not extend the freaky fun past Halloween by attending The Blackout? Tickets are available now at 13thfloorchicago.com, better get them now...if you dare.

P.S., this right here is exactly why I cannot attend the 13th Floor Haunted House...they are out to get big wimps like me, LOL!

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