If you need another Bull's dynasty fix, you're in luck.

CNNBusiness - "The Last Dance" was a huge hit for ESPN earlier this year, when the documentary caught a captive audience stuck at home. Now, the story of Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls will continue. This time in podcast form.

The podcast will be hosted by longtime NBA reporter JA Adande and 3-time champion with the Bulls, BJ Armstrong.

The first of the 40-minute episodes will be released on Audible next Monday. It's no coincidence that Audible will also be offering 50% off their subscription in conjunction to the release of the podcast.

It will be interesting to see if the podcast garners anything close to the interest the original documentary did. When the ESPN doc came out, we were just getting over the shock of having all sports taken away from us due to the pandemic and were looking for anything to satiate our sports appetite. Now with most sports returning and the change of medium to podcast form, I'm not sure if it will take off like the video series, but we'll have to wait.

The biggest downside of the podcast form is that we won't be able to get any new Jordan memes out of it:


...but maybe we can get some solid sound drops. Time will tell.

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