It was the irresistible force versus the immovable object. A whitetail buck in the middle of rutting season decided to throw down on a huge bull in Illinois and the food chain will never be the same.

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I've seen this being shared again like it's new. It's not. The original video dates back at least a couple years if not more than that. The most recent I've found was shared to a couple years ago. This ended better for the buck than I expected mainly because the bull seems genuinely surprised he's been challenged by a deer.

Wide Open Spaces is one of the sites I've seen share this confirming the showdown did happen in Illinois. It looks like my backyard, so I'm believing it.

If you're not familiar with what rutting season is all about, it can be simply described as mating season for deer. As Mossy Oak and others mention about the rut, it's the time of year normally between September and the end of the year when the bucks are at their most "enthusiastic". Since mating is at stake, they see just about everyone and everything as a challenge. The bull in the video just happened to be closest to this excitable buck. I've seen them challenge tractors, lawn name it.

I have no problems with old videos being shown. My only issue is when the sharer is pretending it's something brand new. In this case, not even close. However, a rutting buck taking on a bull in Illinois is worth revisiting in my book.

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