Everyone in Northern Illinois (and possibly in some parts of Southern Wisconsin) are excited about the Cubs possibly going to the World Series. So, why not fly the W flag on a drone?

Sky's The Limit Dronography is  a marketing business specializing in aerial footage that can enhance your business. They are also huge Cubs fans.

The video that they created was one that would not have been produced back in the 1980's. After each Cubs win, people are encouraged to fly a flag that has a huge blue W. I see them all over the place after the Cubs win.

Dave Woll and Dale Henry the III  decided that they wanted to get creative and fly the W flag via a drone. That is something I don't believe I have ever seen before.

The footage was shot with another drone that they own and they follow it around in the air. The baseball field is no Wrigley Field, but it is still pretty cool to see this. If the Cubs win the World Series, you can thank 21st century technology for the luck.