If you're a pretty decent sweat-er, you'll be excited to hear there's now an excessive sweating drug approved by the FDA.

I was born sweating. Like for real. I had a whole head of hair and it was 80 degrees in April when I came home from the hospital, covered in sweat.

And for the past 30 plus years I've been pretty sweaty.

So I'm definitely interested in this brand new FDA approved drug for excessive sweating.

WGN-TV is reporting that the FDA has approved, 'Qbrexza' for excessive underarm sweating and that we will be able to get our hands on in this October.

Which, I mean, seems a little silly, right? Shoudln't this be a summer drug?

It's not a pill or a cream, but instead a wipe that you would use in your armpit to get the drug into your body and prevent excessive sweating.

I have so many questions... how much will it cost? Can I use it on other body parts? Does it smell weird? What if my body needs to sweat?

I have a feeling we will get all of these questions answered in October when the drug comes out, and it's hopefully not 90 in Rockford.

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