Like the curse of the goat, the Cubs' World Series trophy was broken this past weekend in Boston.

My mind is totally blown right now. Please, someone explain to me who thought it would be a good idea to crowd surf the trophy?!?


Passing the trophies around #maybethatwasntagoodidea #chicagocubs #bostonredsox #hotstovecoolmusic #eddievedder

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According to the Boston Globe, this incident took place at a benefit concert in Boston over the weekend. Towards the end of the evening Theo Epstein and Eddie Vedder showed up on stage, and so did the Boston Red Sox's 2004 trophy and the Cubs' 2016 World series trophy.  After their little jaunt through a very drunken crowd, the Cubs' trophy returned with some of the flags broken off, while the Red Sox's trophy was unharmed. Coincidence? Curse? Conspiracy? You be the judge...seems a little fishy to me. Don't worry though, the Cubs' trophy has since been repaired and removed from the disabled list.

Apparently, this is why it took 108 years for the Cubs to break their curse, they can't handle having nice things.


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