As we continue to celebrate the Cubs win over the Cards on Tuesday.

One Fan was inspired to write a whole new team song.

DNAInfo reports that Steven Solomon, Chicagoan, Musician and Cubs Fan, was inspired after Tuesday nights win to write a brand new team song for the Cubbies.

Solomon said he was "so excited with the Cubs' postseason performance he wanted to sing the team's praises from the rooftops." He took pen to paper and wrote then produced a brand new song for the team, entitled "The Cubs Can Win It All".

Steven says that this song "gives Cubs fans an upbeat song that is full of positive vibes, that sheds all the past doubts that long time fans have seemed to have had trouble shaking over the years."

The cool thing about this song is that, although " it can be heard for heard for free on the music website Bandcamp, 100 percent of each $1 download of the song will go toward Cubs Charities. Wow! that's really neat.

So you want to hear it? Ok then, click here.

Wow! that is really different from the 1984 recording by Jody Davis, Rick Sutcliff, Leon Durham, Gary Woods and Keith Moreland's "Men in Blue".

Do you remember that? I do. In fact I still have the 45 record, although I no longer have a turntable to play it.

If you don't remember that song. Maybe your weren't even born yet, geeze now I feel old just saying that. Here is the blast from the Cubs past.