Next time you're at a Bears, Blackhawks or heck even a Cubs game (fingers crossed were looking at World Series here soon) make sure to order a tasty DaBurger.

By purchasing just one your helping the three teams take a bite out of hunger here in Illinois.

According to the Illinois Farm Bureau Partners, the Cubs, Bears and Blackhawks have all teamed up with the Illinois Pork Producers Association to offer the "DaBurger"- a ground pork burger.

For every burger purchased at Wrigley, Soldier Field or at the United Center the Illinois pig farmers will donate one pound of pork to the Greater Chicago Food Depository and the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

The Daburger offered at Wrigley and Soldier Field are spicy Cuban style pork burgers. The sandwich offered during the Blackhawks games at the United Center are called the Daburger Eh, it's a pork burger served with Canadian Bacon.

Now that is a really neat idea. While the fans fill the belly to stop their momentary hunger, they'll also helping the teams fill the bellies of the fellow Illinoisians to stamp out hunger in the state.

Ton find out more about the DaBurger visit their website: or their facebook page at: daburgers.