For the first time in three years, you'll be able to see a Corn Moon in the sky over Rockford.

Going into work for my morning show during the early hours has some advantages and disadvantages. Of course, there's never any traffic. Except for those few weeks in the summer, you're driving in the dark. See how that works. A good and bad thing.

There's one thing I really like. That's getting to check out the amazing things that happen up in the sky. A full moon is a welcome sight. On a clear morning, it looks so cool.

I don't always catch these at night because I go to sleep fairly early but sometimes I have a second chance before the sun comes up.

This week, there's a special type of moon showing up. I look forward to checking it out. Plus, it doesn't happen too often.

According to,

"The Corn Moon is a full moon that rises in September. The September full moon is usually called the Harvest Moon because it is normally the closest full moon to the autumn equinox. Every third year, however, a full moon comes in October that’s even closer, making the September full moon a Corn Moon."

September 2nd (Wednesday) is the day.

As long as I don't hear some loud howling close by, this will make the ride in a little bit more enjoyable.

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