Your lawn might not need it now, but the city of Rockford would like to remind you that you probably need to mow it sometime soon. 

You've finally been able to put the winter stuff away so that means it's time to fire up the Lawn-Boy.

The Rockford city ordinance states that all properties must keep grass and weeds under 8 inches. If it's gotten that long, you might want to invest in a scythe or a goat.

Now if you have some neighbors that seem to have trouble keeping their yard in check the first thing you might want to do is talk to them. Maybe they have a lot of stuff going on and just haven't gotten around to it. Wouldn't you feel like a jerk if you called the city to complain only to find out he's been taking care of his bedridden aunt for the past 5 months?

Now if you have tried to be neighborly and there is still a jungle on the corner you can contact the city of Rockford Weeds Hotline at 779-748-7161 but try to figure things out yourself. The city has enough to worry about already.

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