It was really hot out this weekend and sometimes that doesn't mix well with anxiety and physical exertion. 

Deadspin - Brewers hurler Adrian Houser got recalled from AAA for just his fifth career MLB appearance, was tapped to pitch the top of the eighth inning, finished his warm-up tosses, and then promptly barfed.

The picture I found for this article tells a lot of the story but you really should click that link in the above quote and watch the video. I would embed the video but MLB doesn't know how to grow their game on social media and will try to sue us in about 24 hours if I put up any of their videos.

Back to the puker.

Manager Craig Counsell did his best to defend his young player.

I know he was physically sick but he wasn’t under the weather at all. It was an early wake-up call, not enough food, heat, probably a little nerves from getting to the big leagues today. There wasn’t very much coming out — it wasn’t a food thing.

Did I say best? I meant he pretty much threw him under the bus for not being able to handle the pressure.

Hey, we've all been there. Fortunately for us though there aren't 40 cameras following us around when our stomach is a little queasy.

Good luck to Houser. Hopefully, your career goes nowhere but up from here.

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