Last night I went in for what I call a "Clip & Dip" (a.k.a haircut and color) at the salon and wanted to share my new style off on Facebook.

Enter my dilemma, taking a good selfie. I'm terrible at taking pictures of me with my phone. I either look stoned, too close, too fuzzy, not smiling enough, have my head positioned wrong and look like I have a double chin. Frankly, I'm jealous of those who can take perfect looking selfies.

Have you ever found yourself kind of jealous of them too?

So what is the art of taking selfies?WikiHow has instructions to taking the perfect selfie.

Here's a few don'ts: Don't make duck or kissy, fish lips. Don't stick your butt out or make the double peace sign.

Also, focus on your best feature your eyes, smile, etc.

Use filters on your phone and pose in natural light and settings. Places where you'd be everyday.

I told you I posted a selfie as best as I could last night. So here it is. I think
I need to practice a bit more.

Susan Tyler

By the way, if you take a selfie of you and your favorite thing here in the stateline area you might just win tickets to Country Thunder in Twin Lakes, WI to join us for Q98.5 Day on July 25th!The deadline to enter is coming up fast. July 8th. has all the details.

So go ahead, strike a pose! Good luck!