A Rockford native, and English major at the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!) named Jane Horvat recently wrote an article for the website theodysseyonline.com about the 8 most memorable aspects of Rockford, Illinois, and although not all 8 points are things Rockfordians can be proud of, she brings up some very good points.


In the article she does mention the awesomeness of the Rockford Icehogs and Rockford Park District even though they didn't make her official list of the 8 most memorable aspects about Rockford:

  1.  Rockford's number three spot on the 2013 Forbes list of "America's Most Miserable Cities" - Again, this is not something we like to see highlighted time and time again, but the Ms. Horvat does point out that this ranking is not exactly fair, because there are so many good things about Rockford that weren't took into consideration.
  2. Rockford City Market - Hands down, this is one of the best things to happen in our city.
  3. Beef-A-Roo - The Rockford staple is one of the biggest things you miss when moving away from the area.
  4. The Crime - No one likes this one, but it can't be denied. Excluding Chicago, Rockford is the most dangerous city in Illinois.
  5. #Rockford Problems - In case you didn't know, Rockford Problems has it's own Twitter page and hashtag. Not all the tweets arespewing sunshine and roses about Rockford, but good or bad, all of it is relatable to Rockford residents.
  6. Mrs. Fishers Potato Chips - Rockford is loyal to our hometown chips, and personally, if I am in a Rockford store and find they don't sell my favorite chips, I'm ticked.
  7. Rockford is Ranked #4 on the Most Obese Cities List - Another thing no Rockfordian likes to hear, but I don't really buy into this ranking. Nonetheless, I guess we should all get out and take advantage of all our cities beautiful walking and biking paths more often.
  8. Sugarjones Cupcakes - I can never move away from Rockford, and Sugarjones is the reason. Their red velvet cupcakes are the things my dreams are made of.

There you have Miss Horvat's list, but what do you think she missed? Tell us in the comment section below and let's have a discussion.