People like to talk a lot of smack about Rockford, and it always gets under my skin. I know this city has its fair share of problems, but we live here, and I think focusing on the positive things this city has to offer is incredibly important. It's important for Rockford's future and for every resident's peace of mind.

Transform Rockford just came up with their list of the 5 biggest wins (in no particular order) this city saw in 2018, and the progress that all of these things signify makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  1. Family Justice Center Grant: Back in September Rockford was awarded a $450,000 grant by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office on Violence Against Women to help develop a Family Justice Center in Rockford which will ensure victims and their children safely, and easily, get the services they need.
  2. Barber Coleman Advanced Manufacturing Center:  This multi-million dollar development project between Rock Valley College and the Rockford Local Development Corporation will help grow  the field of manufacturing workforce, and hopefully encourage a further revamping of downtown's River District.
  3. Erickson Institute Education Partnership:  This partnership with Erikson Institute will provide an in depth look at the preparedness of our region’s kindergarteners, and will help identify the best ways to positively influence a child's development.
  4. Chicago Rockford International Airport Ranked Top 22: In July the Chicago Rockford International Airport ranked as the 22nd largest airport in the nation for air cargo volume, and when you couple that with the recent announcement that Amazon is investing in an existing hub for its Prime shipping, it shows big promise for the future of RFD.
  5. Rockford is Making a Comeback: The Chicago Tribune published an article in November about how "Rockford Is Making a Comeback" and highlighted the positive developments in our city, plus Reader's Digest named Rockford as one of their "15 Best Places to Move to, Before it Gets Too Crowded".

The proof is there, my friends. Rockford is changing for the better, and it's time to jump on board, (and keep the negative comments to yourself).

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