If you ask anyone who lives in Rockford what their favorite restaurant is, chances are, they're going to say, "Beef-a-Roo."

Tell someone you've never been there and they'll give you a look like you're from another planet and immediately insist that they take you there for your first cheddar fry experience.

Simply put, Beef-a-Roo is life; and if you're going to dine there, it's a must that you follow "The 10 Commandments of Beef-a-Roo."


1. Thou shall always buy an order of cheddar fries. There are no good excuses not to.

2. Thou shall not ruin the cheddar fries by adding ketchup or mayonnaise.

3. Thou shall never waste a single drop of that delicious, golden cheddar sauce.

4. Thou shall always share a foodie photo of your meal on Instagram.

5. Thou shall always go to Beef-a-Roo at least one a month for awesome promos.

6. Thou shall always order a creamy milk shake for dessert.

7. Thou shall pay it forward in the drive thru at least once before you die or move away.

8. Thou shall make sure to follow Beef-a-Roo on social media for posts like this.

9. Thou shall have at least one piece of Beef-a-Roo swag in your closet or cupboard.

10. Thou should always treat visiting family members or friends to one of the best meals ever at Beef-a-Roo.

Do you have any unspoken rules or commandments that you live by when you dine at Beef-a-Roo? Share them with us.

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