Chicago, and I guess the rest of Illinois, is kind of pigeonholed when it comes to pizza.

If you live in another state, there's a good chance you'd probably think our best pizza is deep-dish pizza. While sure, deep-dish is the goods and popularized in Chicago, I believe our thin crust is the best.

Chicago thin crust is amazing and while Only In Your State decided we actually have some tasty options in the Windy City, Rockford pizza ain't half bad either.

That's when I decided to let Yelp tell me the 10 best restaurants for thin crust pizza in Rockford.

  1. Jo-Jo's Pizza & Pub, 3110 South Alpine Road
  2. Maciano's Pizza,5801 Columbia Parkway
  3. Lino's, 5611 East State Street
  4. Giordano's, 333 Executive Parkway
  5. Capri Restaurant & Pizza, 313 East State Street
  6. John's Restaurant & Pizzeria, 2914 11th Street
  7. Mamma Mia's, 1139 North Alpine Road
  8. Dough Bros Pizza, 4415 Harrison Avenue
  9. Gerry's Pizza, 7403 Argus Drive
  10. Rosati's Pizza, 2221 South Perryville Road

A couple of surprises on the list, namely, Giordano's, mostly known for their deep-dish offerings and a few omissions. Missing is Vinny's Pizza, Woodfire Brick Oven Pizza, and Salamone's North. If this list were to be compiled only by myself, I'd definitely add those three. The difficulty would be removing three from the top 10.

What pizza place in Rockford do you believe serves up the best thin crust pizza? Let us know!

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