Man, this is such a difficult story and I can totally see both sides of the argument here.

I can also feel the embarrassment too as I was once too heavy to get on an amusement park ride. It was horrifying and it was one of my all-time worst moments.

That was years ago, and I totally got it over it, but since I'm bringing it up here today, obviously tells you I didn't forget.

Anyway, a father has called out an Illinois waterpark on social media because his daughter was deemed too heavy to ride after stepping on a scale at the park.

Can you imagine what that must have felt like?

Here's the story, Andrew Batton and his 13-year-old daughter were at the Raging Rivers Waterpark recently and while attempting to get on something called the Mississippi Monster, they were turned away just moments before.

Apparently, there's a scale at the top of the hill, and anyone over 200 pounds can't ride.

Batton's daughter weighed in at 205 and told KMOV "To have a company be responsible for such a massive mental impact on my daughter, it’s tough."


This is quickly becoming a national news story because Batton shared his outrage from the events on social media and the post went viral.

Raging Rivers Waterpark released a statement to KMOV via WAFB 9 regarding the incident saying:

The new Mississippi Monster Slide has a max weight limit of 200 lbs per rider. Signage is located at the base of the slide, alerting guests of this restriction.

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So whether Batton and his daughter missed the sign or ignored it is up for debate.

Later the message does mention the scale at the top and the importance of following "manufacturer guidelines for safety."

I understand the anger from the father and the need to keep everyone safe at Raging Rivers Waterpark.

Like Batton said regarding the situation, it's tough. It's a tough situation to be in as a father, for his daughter, the waterpark, or anyone else involved.

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