Taylor Swift nearly had a red carpet event disaster on her hands when her adorable but mischievous cat Meredith stuck her claws into the singer’s Met Gala gown.

The 24-year-old tweeted on the day of the ball about the funny incident — or maybe not-so-funny, since there was probably a heart-stopping moment as the Oscar de la Renta gown was carefully examined post-claw strike.

Taylor discussed the details of Meredith's attack with PEOPLE, sharing, “I’ve never seen more fashionable people lose their composure quicker than when a cat walks up to a satin, custom Oscar de la Renta down and then decides to make a home inside of it."

The pop star continued, “She just passed, dug her claws in and started to roll…like when you see a crocodile attack an antelope on National Geographic. That’s what she tried to do to the dress.”

Meredith, who makes regular appearances on the blonde's Instagram, “fancies herself as quite a hunter,” according to Taylor. We don’t feel so bad laughing now that she’s also revealed that no serious damage occurred to the gorgeous pink ball gown she wore to the New York event.

TSwift added with a laugh, “She’s a chubby housecat. She’s not very strong!”

That doesn’t make Meredith’s claws any less dangerous to delicate satin, but luckily it sounds like the fluffy cat was just playing around while watching Taylor get ready.