Any Target lover knows that a shopping trip in that store can get real out of hand, real fast.

Ran in to get some milk and toothpaste? Be prepared, you're going to walk out of the store with like $100 worth of more stuff you probably didn't need but you absolutely had to have.

My biggest downfall at Target is always their Dollar Spot. All the things are supposed to super cheap, but those deals get shot to H*ll when you load up a cart full of them.

But...Let's stop talking about how much you spend at Target now and focus on how much you can SAVE there soon...

Target's Quarterly Earnings Rise 14 Percent
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Target Is Slashing Prices At All Illinois Stores

Do you remember at the start of the pandemic when we were all buying new TV's, kitchen appliances and other things to keep us occupied while staying home? Well, those days are past us now, and Target is bursting at the seams with some products people are not longer buying a lot of. According to an article from NBC Chicago;

 The Associated Press reports that with sales of large electronic items like TVs, and small kitchen appliances decreasing, Target is now left with a bloated inventory that it said must be marked down to sell.

NBC Chicago's article also states that Target will likely be cancelling orders with suppliers of those products as they attempt to clean out their inventory, so if you are in the market for a new TV or appliance, you better get them ASAP.

Will Target Be Raising Prices on Other Items?

Now that I've told you some prices at Target will be slashed, I must prepare you that prices on other high-demand items will actually be rising. Namely, groceries and beauty products, (Big bummer!), so shop and budget accordingly.

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