Use Up Thanksgiving Leftovers
Thanksgiving Meals are awesome. There's so much yummy food to enjoy at one setting.
However, the downside is all those leftovers.
Here's some easy recipes to use up those Thanksgiving leftovers.
Turn Leftovers into This
Earlier this week I posted a recipe (Monday, 8/18) for Grilled Zucchini. I actually had some leftover. Last night, I turned those leftovers into this tasty meal.
Left Over Grilled Chicken can make a Tasty Meal
If you grilled out over the weekend I'm pretty sure chicken was thrown on the flames. If now you have several leftovers and wondering what to do with them. Look at this tasty meal I made with a left over chicken breast.
It's a perfect way to use up the chicken and get your out of the rut If…
Leftover Banana & Berries make a Great Smoothie
Saturday I found myself coming down to the odds and ends of my food supply. Yep it's the sign that it's time to go grocery shopping.
I had one ripe banana and with a few strawberries and blueberries leftover from the week. You know what those are great for? Making a yogurt smoothie.