Ice Skating

Rockford Park District’s Carlson Ice Arena is Reopening to The Public
Even though it feels like Spring outside, there's still some ice skating fun to be had here in Rockford.
Rockford Park District's Carlson Ice Arena is reopening to the public! If your kids have officially done EVERYTHING they can around the house, and in your back yard, why not take them ic…
Move Over Ice Skating – Bumper Cars on Ice is Coming to Illinois
Just when you thought you'd done all the winter activities the midwest has to offer ... BAM. Bumper cars on ice.
This winter fun is the best of both worlds because you get to be on the ice, but you don't need any skating skills. Which, for a clumsy person like me, is a dream come true...
More Tax Money for Downtown
If you're a Rockford tax payer, you may want to check this out. Some of all our sales tax is going to a development plan, not an actual physical improvement, but a "let's see if we can make this better" type of plan. By the way, not all city leaders are on board.
Skating Fun Continues
If you didn't get a chance to go ice skating in the outdoors at Navy Pier this summer, well now you have no more excuses not to go. The rink will stay open through October.

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