Make this Light and Tasty Banana Shake
Move over banana bread, banana pancakes, and yes you too banana muffins, I just found a really yummy way to use up the ripe fruit.
You have got to make this light yet tasty Banana Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Milkshake.
Easy to Bake Banana Bread
Look what I made with 2 very ripe bananas and sour cream.
Banana bread.
Seriously, sour cream. That is just one the ingredients in this tasty Easy to Bake Banana Bread recipe.
Orange Banana Smoothie
I hate it when I have a lonely leftover banana. It's all spotty, has that strong banana smell and is slightly mushy. I can't eat them like that. The texture of the mushiness makes me gag. Instead of throwing out the lonely banana (not enough to make banana bread with) I made a tasty smooth…
Leftover Banana & Berries make a Great Smoothie
Saturday I found myself coming down to the odds and ends of my food supply. Yep it's the sign that it's time to go grocery shopping.
I had one ripe banana and with a few strawberries and blueberries leftover from the week. You know what those are great for? Making a yogurt smoothie.