Susan Tyler
Susan Tyler

Look what I made with 2 very ripe bananas and sour cream.

Banana bread.

Seriously, sour cream. That is just one the ingredients in this tasty Easy to Bake Banana Bread recipe. You'll never guess who's recipe it is either? Martha Stewart!

Typically I steer clear of Martha's recipes because they usually are very time consuming or call for expensive or hard to find ingredients, at least for me that's how they seem.

However, this one is fairly basic. There's no oil involved whatsoever. It does call for a 1/2 of sour cream.

The end results are that it's a very tasty bread that's super moist.

Don't toss those over ripe bananas, try this recipe instead!

You're going to love this. My parents and I, together, ate half the loaf yesterday afternoon.

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