After being open for nearly a month now, it's safe to say that Taco Betty's has been doing pretty well.

My Instagram and Facebook news feed has been filled with pic after pic of jerk chicken tacos, mango pudding and margaritas.

If I lost you after the margaritas, I get it, but come back for just a second so we can talk about their original menu.

Not even an offbeat modifications disclaimer that included substitutions, diets and unicorns was going to keep them down.

People were beyond rattled by the disclaimer saying they would never eat at Betty's and that they were being unreasonable.  On the reasonable side, taco lovers were just sitting back going, "hey, just don't eat there; more tacos for us."

I'm not sure if it was because of the complaints they got from the original disclaimer, but they've updated that part of their menu to include an analogy that some people just don't understand.

The line they added was,

"Think of the Ford assembly line making mustangs then all of the sudden they want a Focus, we can do it of course, but it's not the most efficient. We do accommodate subs and requests but..."

One person commented, "Who wants a Focus over a Mustang?.... Get outta my face with that, Betty."

Another said, "Hate to be the bearer of bad news but if it were run like an assembly line there would be option content and you could choose what you wanted. Just like how cars are built. Just sayin."

And this one, "They should have used that large amount of space on their lacking menu to add more food items lol. #WayToUseAFordReferenceSoCloseToAChryslerPlant"

Then there's the person who was just upset that the house pickles are $4.

What do you think of the new verbiage?

I, for one, still can't figure out why I haven't eaten there yet.


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